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Tag: Foreign Scholarship


fucking things . almost 3 month late . i can't find any answer in my question .

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najmul at Dec 24 '16 12:04AM

MBA or Master's degree scholership

I want to know about MBA or Masters Degree scholarship information from all the foreign universities and how I will apply for a scholarship ..

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Nil at Oct 31 '16 02:34AM

International Islamic University Malaysia তে undergraduate on Engineering

International Islamic University Malaysia তে Undergraduate on Engineering করতে কি কি লাগবে আর scholarship পাওয়ার সুযোগ আছে কি? সর্ব মোট কত টাকা লাগবে? প্রতি সেমিস্টার কত টাকা লাগবে? বিস্তারিত বললে

Reply: 1, View: 143
Jakir at Oct 16 '16 11:46AM

About Bechelar level Scholarship.

I want to get update circulation of Bechelar level scholarship, full free or half free...

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Shohag at Aug 28 '16 12:09PM

full information about study in usa

hi,i'm new member in this site.i wan't some help from this site expert's. i wanna going to usa for higher study(bsc in mechanical engineering). how can i do this? what i should to do?

Reply: 2, View: 278
Jashim at May 16 '16 09:53PM

Knownn to admission

SSCর পর MBBSকরার জন্যে সরকাির মেডিেকলে ভর্তির জন্য কত পয়েন্ট লাগে?

Reply: 6, View: 366
Ismail at May 16 '16 12:41PM

study in foreign country

After completing my HSC exam,I want to study higher educational level in foreign country.How can I apply and do all other necessary things according to act?

Reply: 4, View: 337
khaled at May 01 '16 06:37PM


i am passed hsc exam 2015 would like to go abroad for the sake of study i want to go ireland, canada, usa, finland, norway, sweeden, latvia, swizerland how can i will be able to go abroad plz tell

Reply: 2, View: 549
sufian at Jan 08 '16 01:41PM

Financial assistance for Specialized Course Program at IIEP, Paris(France)

Sir How can I get financial assistance to complete a 24 days course at France?

Reply: 0, View: 463
Zaman at Dec 04 '15 10:38PM

সাইপ্রাসে ভর্তির জন্য আই.ই.এল.টি.এস পয়েন্ট কত লাগে?

সাইপ্রাসের বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে ভর্তি হতে হলে কত আই.ই.এল.টি.এস পয়েন্ট লাগবে?

Reply: 0, View: 945
mehedi_hasan at Sep 01 '15 10:17AM