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A wonderful Winter Camp of Bangladesh at DIU

Online Desk | February 19, 2019
writer with all member of winter camp

writer with all member of winter camp

Hello, I am Gao Ziqi, a freshman majored in economics at SIAS University in Henan Province of China. My new Bangladeshi name is ‘Bably’. It is a great honor to participate in the Daffodil International University (DIU) Winter Camp 2019 with SIAS's teachers and students. There were 39 people on our trip, which is a huge team.

I like to go to different countries and experience different cultures very much. I have been to some countries before, but this trip to Bangladesh is the one that surprised and moved me the most. On the way to Dhaka, we had a problem. Our flight from Zhengzhou to Kunming was delayed due to the weather, which directly caused us to miss the scheduled flight from Kunming to Bangladesh. However, people's expectations of Bangladesh did not change as a result. In the end, we chose to change our tickets and took the fastest flight to Dhaka in three batches.

I was one of the first group to arrive in Dhaka. To tell the truth, I was both anxious and expecting before I arrived, but all the tension was dissipated by the enthusiastic students who came to greet us, and joy and excitement followed. In the two days waiting for the arrival of other students, DIU's students took us to visit many places, such as Dhaka square, supermarket shopping by Rickshaw. Among them, one of the most impressive is the memorial to the father of the country, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, where I also learned more about Bangladesh. After our team gathered at DIU, we begin our wonderful trip together. First, we listened to the history of Bangladesh. We went to the National Museum of Bangladesh together, saw many historical relics of Bangladesh, and learned about the past and present life of Bangladesh. We went to the Dhaka University and felt the strong atmosphere of knowledge. In the rose garden, we felt the breath of nature. We visited local families and experienced and tasted local cuisine, and was warmly received; We attended the Financial Forum by Professor Muhammad Yunus, world famous Nobel Laureate, and felt the friendly cooperation from Asia. All these are unforgettable for us.

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But in DIU campus is the most unforgettable memories, together we did color painting, played basketball, football, golf, volunteers gave local traditional henna design on our hand, ate together every meal delicious meals, singing and dancing together, music made us without borders and barriers, wrote Chinese song for DIU. I really appreciate DIU's warm hospitality. We can truly feel your warmth. Your thoughtfulness and company make us feel the warmth of home in a foreign country, which cannot be expressed in words. This trip, we all bear in mind, unforgettable and even generation after generation. We will also tell our friends in China what we have seen and heard in Bangladesh, so that they can have a better understanding of this mysterious and beautiful country. I hope SIAS can have more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with DIU, and I hope the friendship between the two universities will last forever!

I love DIU! I love Bangladesh!

Writer: Gao Ziqi;
Student, SIAS University, China;
One of the Participants of Winter Camp-2019 at Daffodil International University
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